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Being a dad is sometimes pretty grand!

Posted by twpeck on July 11, 2008

Amy woke us up this morning around 4 AM.

With her brother heading off to college, she is trying out sleeping in his room upstairs from our room on the first floor (there are two beds up there and this is will allow her to have sleep overs).  This is pretty brave for a 10 year old who is afraid of the dark and of all the noises outside. At night.

We are batting about .500 on this as the other night she went to bed up there and stayed all night.

She snuggled into our bed so Jill went into Amy’s bed (I know, this is starting to sound like a Saturday Night Live skit).

Finally, we all settled down to try and get another couple hours sleep.

“Dad” I heard her whisper.  I pretended to be back asleep.  Maybe she would go ahead and doze.

“Dad” the whisper got a little louder.  No such luck, she was up.

“Yes, hone” I whispered back.

“The reason I am awake is that mom changed the night lights upstairs”

Now, this raised a whole slew of question in my mind that would have started a conversation, but I decided to take the quick way out.

“Wanna thumb wrestle?” I asked as I lifted my hand up

“Oh, sure,” she whined, “with me being dead tired”

I grabbed her limp hand, locked our fingers together, whispered go, which she did not and “pinned” her thumb under mine in a matter of a microsecond (or so) as she was not resisting or playing along.

“I win” I whispered.

“You usually do” she replied, then rolled over clutching my arm and fell asleep.

Being a dad is sometimes pretty grand!


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