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Mistakes I made in ’08

Posted by twpeck on January 10, 2009

The end of the year is a time of retrospect and looking forward and blah, blah, blah.

Let’s face it.  No one really wants to think about their mistakes, errors, failures, and “on-purposes”.  We like to believe, and maybe some of think, that we are good people.

Ask most people and they will say something like – “I’m a good person even though I…” 

I think that comes from our inherent desire to be balanced.  Experts always talk about how good it is to be balanced – in our investments, in our work-home time, in our rest-activity.  It is a logical step to put that in our moral life and to start to look at this as a scale.

OK – I watched a little porn but then I shoveled the neighbors driveway.  I lied to my wife about why I was late (it wasn’t a train or traffic or an accident, I was just thoughtless) but I played with the kids.  I stole some pads from work but I put a dollar in the Salvation Army pot at Walmart.

We have a local case here in Saginaw where a woman who was convicted of drug-dealing and escaped from prison, was captured a number of years later out on the coast where she was now a middle-class wife/mother and doing no harm.  She might have even been doing some good like being active in the PTA .  The watercooler discussion is “should she go back to prision”?  

My daughter has moved out of her Hannah Montana phase, but there was a song she played that had this recurring line “Everyone makes mistakes”.  That is true, but it does not exonerate or excuse.  My mom used to say “if everyone were jumping off a cliff, would you jump too?”

I never told her this but at times I have jumped off that cliff, and on the way down I yelled “but everyone else…”

So, I am trying not to yell “but everyone else” because doing what we are supposed to do does not make up for doing what we failed to do. Recognizing that we did wrong and what flaw in our character allowed for that, and then resolving to address that character flaw, will help.

So here’s my list of what “mistakes” I made in ’08

  1. I did not trust God enough
  2. I did not repent enough
  3. I did not love others more than myself enough.

You really didn’t think I would be tranparent enough to give the specifics?

Hmmm – guess I’ll have transparency to next year’s list.


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Blind to Reality

Posted by twpeck on July 11, 2008

Just read and article on World Net Daily about a job application for an air traffic controller job that was available in Braille.  The local association for the blind applauded the fact it was available in Braille.

I think we need to be open more for people with limitations and handicap challenges as well, but we seem to have lost our common sense.  Mostly, this is to accomodate a law rather than a real effort to assist others.

For example, an service agency I have visted needed to comply with regulations that they to accomodate diversity so they had cards printed in various languages with the words “I speak [language] and need an interpreter” below in English.

Now these card were in black and white print.  The cards were laminated and held together by a ring through a hole punched in one corner with the title of the languge.  The phrase was spelled out with the language characters over each letter of each word of the phrase.

I started thumbing through the cards and finding the the various characters used by the languages pretty interesting.  It was fascinating how different cultures use different characters to create alphabets or words.

Then I came to a card that made me chuckle.

It was titled “American Sign Language”.  On the card were little hands showing the various letters of sign language and below was the printed phrase.  I happen to know a little “Sign Language” and one has to know how to read in order to do the letter signs, so there really wasn’t a need for the little hands.  “This was political correctness to its ultimate absurdity”, I thought, figuring that the authors would not want to ‘offend’ any people with hearing impairments.

Then I flipped to the card and started laughing out loud.

This card was titled “Braille” and there were the printed Braille dots for each letter over each letter of the phrase.  What made me laugh was the dots were not raised. Since a person who is blind “reads” Braille by feeling the configuration of raised dots, there was not way to read the card.

I will no longer think the Political Correctness can ever reach an absurd level.

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