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Weird things happen as you grow older.

Posted by twpeck on July 10, 2008

Weird things happen as you grow older – in my mind I haven’t changed much but in the mirror – oh, yuck!

I played soft-pitch softball on Monday night and did quite well. I pitched the whole game and did pretty well. Not a single walk and we actually won (our team’s job has turned out to esteem the other teams as we are now something like 12-2).

Yesterday (Wednesday) I was sitting at my desk and suddenly I noticed that my right shoulder was sore, and it hurt to lift my arm up more than a few inches.

I usually don’t like to tell Jill, my wife, about pains because she makes me go to the doctor or chiropractor or some medical person, but I did. Haven’t made the appointment yet, but I am sitting here wondering if I will be able to play the game tonight (probably not).

You would think that I would be more worried about how, if this is serious, it could effect more important areas (like my job) or that this is an aspect of some other more serious disease.


I am worried about the game tonight.

Like I said, weird things happen as you grow older… but actually this is how I was when I was younger.


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