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Why I write

Posted by twpeck on December 6, 2008

I was checking out the site and noticed that I had 17 comments.  

Well this got me a little excited because, well, 17 people had actually read this blog and commented.

Then came the disappointment – they were all spam, mostly for stuff my wife wouldn’t appreciate though the guy from “cellphones-r-us” said he looked forward to reading more and I had a nice style.  Think that was sincere?

Anyway, I have this fantasy (was going to say secret but it is about to no longer be secret except no on reads this blog so it WILL be secret, ok, maybe unbroadly known) that I am the next great undiscovered writer whose work is “discovered” after I die.  It is kind of a romantic fantasy, since I don’t write fiction – have about 10 books with great first lines – and my prose is, well, pretty topical and more sermonatic (my kids would probably say “lecturematic”) so my living on in the minds of men past my grandchildren (when I have some) is probably not going to happen.

Another fantasy is that I could live off my writing.  I have looked into this and used to have a pretty impressive pile of rejections (was saving them as part of the first fantasy but got tired of carting them around and needed space to store the Christmas lights).  My son is trying to do that, and I have every belief that he will succeed.  I give up too easily, which is why I only write this blog once in a while and probably whey it is only read by spammers (or at least commented on by spammers).

So, if not for greatness, for posterity or for income why do I write?

Don’t really know except for two reasons: first, just in case my fantasies do come true and second is that writing makes me think more than television and watching television helped me get fat.  I rarely get the urge to eat while I am writing but always get the urge to much when some show is on.  

It also gets me out of housework.  This is because we honor writing as not as inert as listening to music. What sounds better – “Honey, I’m in the middle of writing something” or “Honey,  just as soon as this song is over”. 

I do wonder, though, how long will a blog page last and if that will interfere with my fanatsy?  Will never know that either.


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