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Posted by twpeck on March 21, 2010

The news media and political junkies are all holding their breath this day with the question on their minds…will the Health Care/Reform bill pass?

I understand this is a “big” moment and there are many sides to the issue, but it really gets down to those who will pay more and those who receive more as a result if this law passes.

Taxes in the US have become less about getting services, such as military & police protection, to a transferring of resources from the “haves” to those that “have not”. One wonders just how long the “haves” will stay put when what they have is consistently being taken away.
So, with bitten fingernails and sweaty brow, the “haves” and “have nots” wait to see how much more will be transferred, or not transferred.
Seems like we should come up with a better system. Oh, yeah, we have, called voluntary giving.
Maybe all those who think that they should have a tax increase to cover entitled services should do so voluntarily. You know, NOT take deductions and just pay the maximum amount, or better yet, decide to live at a certain level and give away anything beyond that to a “have not”.
I anticipate that day, but don’t expect it.


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