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Posted by twpeck on March 12, 2010

Amazing how one day feeling so ill, the next back to normal…or almost normal.

We rise and fall on so many things – our physical health, our emotional state, the environment and circumstances.  It is really a massive state of denial to believe that we are in control, yet that is what we struggle over.

Jill nagged (in an un-Florence Nightingale way): “if you had gotten a flu shot…” yet there was no guarantee it would have been for this strain, but we cling to anything that even appears as control.

I saw an outrageous sign on a news program.  It said something like 47,000 people in the US die each year because of no health care.

First, how do they know that these people wouldn’t have died anyway.  No treatment has a 100% cure rate. People die from the complications of a splinter.

Secondly, those 47,000 people will die anyway.  We all will die some day.  It is out of our control.

We can maybe avoid death for a while but sooner or later it will find you.  (not the we should encourage it, but let’s be realistic, it is out of our control).

While I was laying in bed all day yesterday I learned something.  There are times to just lay back and let God do as He will.  No, make that all times are to step back and let God do as He will.  He will anyway.  We can go along and have a share in it or we can fight it kicking and screaming.  I prefer the latter.


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