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Its too hard

Posted by twpeck on March 10, 2010

We are engaged in a great struggle at home.  A school book report.

It has been a battle to get the book read, to get the project started, and the deadline looms to finish.

During the conversation the most oft used word is “its too hard” to do, well, anything.

I agree.  Its too hard.

I have always avoided the hard when I could.  That is why I cut the lawn with a power mower instead of scissors.  Once considered getting a goat or sheep but what I would gain in “not hardness” of cutting the lawn I would lose in the “hardness” of taking care of the animals.  A mower was the least hard option (not cutting one would think was the easiest but I have a wife…)

In all of this project, though, for some reason, I have become the evil taskmaster.  My suggestions are automatically rejected (though implemented when suggested by others).  It is a role a dad has to play sometimes.

It is hard to be the cajoler, the orderer, the one who says “no fun ’til done” enforcer.  It is hard, but the harder way would be to allow a failure due to lack of effort.  The failure would be easy now on the book reporter, but harder later.


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