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Posted by twpeck on March 21, 2010

The news media and political junkies are all holding their breath this day with the question on their minds…will the Health Care/Reform bill pass?

I understand this is a “big” moment and there are many sides to the issue, but it really gets down to those who will pay more and those who receive more as a result if this law passes.

Taxes in the US have become less about getting services, such as military & police protection, to a transferring of resources from the “haves” to those that “have not”. One wonders just how long the “haves” will stay put when what they have is consistently being taken away.
So, with bitten fingernails and sweaty brow, the “haves” and “have nots” wait to see how much more will be transferred, or not transferred.
Seems like we should come up with a better system. Oh, yeah, we have, called voluntary giving.
Maybe all those who think that they should have a tax increase to cover entitled services should do so voluntarily. You know, NOT take deductions and just pay the maximum amount, or better yet, decide to live at a certain level and give away anything beyond that to a “have not”.
I anticipate that day, but don’t expect it.


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Tough Day at Work

Posted by twpeck on March 18, 2010

Today was a tough day at work – lots of demands and such little time to compete them.
It is days like today that I am so glad for. I have the robes of Christ to hang onto and I sense His hand holding me even stronger. It is such joy to know that no day can be tougher than Jesus.

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Helping with homework

Posted by twpeck on March 15, 2010

Helping the kid with homework was much more fun when she was little and I knew the answer. Now that she is getting older, I have to go figure out what the question is in order to help her figure out the answer, and by that time she has already got it done and has moved on to the next problem.
I now understand why my dad worked evenings.

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Posted by twpeck on March 12, 2010

Amazing how one day feeling so ill, the next back to normal…or almost normal.

We rise and fall on so many things – our physical health, our emotional state, the environment and circumstances.  It is really a massive state of denial to believe that we are in control, yet that is what we struggle over.

Jill nagged (in an un-Florence Nightingale way): “if you had gotten a flu shot…” yet there was no guarantee it would have been for this strain, but we cling to anything that even appears as control.

I saw an outrageous sign on a news program.  It said something like 47,000 people in the US die each year because of no health care.

First, how do they know that these people wouldn’t have died anyway.  No treatment has a 100% cure rate. People die from the complications of a splinter.

Secondly, those 47,000 people will die anyway.  We all will die some day.  It is out of our control.

We can maybe avoid death for a while but sooner or later it will find you.  (not the we should encourage it, but let’s be realistic, it is out of our control).

While I was laying in bed all day yesterday I learned something.  There are times to just lay back and let God do as He will.  No, make that all times are to step back and let God do as He will.  He will anyway.  We can go along and have a share in it or we can fight it kicking and screaming.  I prefer the latter.

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the Flu

Posted by twpeck on March 11, 2010

I have the flu, or something like it.  My ears are plugged, my head aches, I have a fever and just want to sleep (been doing that ALL day). It feels like every muscle in my body aches.

I hate being sick.  Thanks Adam and Eve.  Thanks a lot.

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Its too hard

Posted by twpeck on March 10, 2010

We are engaged in a great struggle at home.  A school book report.

It has been a battle to get the book read, to get the project started, and the deadline looms to finish.

During the conversation the most oft used word is “its too hard” to do, well, anything.

I agree.  Its too hard.

I have always avoided the hard when I could.  That is why I cut the lawn with a power mower instead of scissors.  Once considered getting a goat or sheep but what I would gain in “not hardness” of cutting the lawn I would lose in the “hardness” of taking care of the animals.  A mower was the least hard option (not cutting one would think was the easiest but I have a wife…)

In all of this project, though, for some reason, I have become the evil taskmaster.  My suggestions are automatically rejected (though implemented when suggested by others).  It is a role a dad has to play sometimes.

It is hard to be the cajoler, the orderer, the one who says “no fun ’til done” enforcer.  It is hard, but the harder way would be to allow a failure due to lack of effort.  The failure would be easy now on the book reporter, but harder later.

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The Rights of Man

Posted by twpeck on August 8, 2009

Modern society has come to view a “right” as meaning something a person wants to do.  We hear the word “rights” bantered around rather flippantly, usually taken to the personal level.  I have a “right” to be angry.  I have the “right” to do this or that.  I have a “right” to have something that someone else already has.

The proper idea of rights flows from those three words in our Declaration of Independence (penned by Thomas Jefferson) which states that one function of  government’s is not to impune the “inaleinable rights” of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.  This is not a call for hedonism, but a call for government to not interfer with those rights.

Yet, clearly, Jefferson saw that these “rights” were broad concepts not detailed listings.  He would be aghast at the expansiveness of government “entitlements”, which forcibly takes the property of one person to give to another.  He would be shocked at the compacting of religious expression that has encroached from the federal to state to local area.  He would be weeping for the complexities of the federal laws that overlap and intertwine and impact the daily lives of every citizen.  America today is not the nation he would have desired or even dreamed.

The call to “rights” in the Declaration is not a a call to hedonism, but for order, to safeguard the universal rights of all men (and women), and to offer freedom instead of oppression. The preamble clearly states that the purpose of the Consititution is to “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”.

Today, we have lost the true concept of freedom.  a scant 40 years ago a liberal democrat said “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.  In our day and age of “rightism”, the reverse has become true.  People are asking not what they need to do but what the country should do for them.  This will be the death of the republic and Jefferson’s dream of democracy.

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Mistakes I made in ’08

Posted by twpeck on January 10, 2009

The end of the year is a time of retrospect and looking forward and blah, blah, blah.

Let’s face it.  No one really wants to think about their mistakes, errors, failures, and “on-purposes”.  We like to believe, and maybe some of think, that we are good people.

Ask most people and they will say something like – “I’m a good person even though I…” 

I think that comes from our inherent desire to be balanced.  Experts always talk about how good it is to be balanced – in our investments, in our work-home time, in our rest-activity.  It is a logical step to put that in our moral life and to start to look at this as a scale.

OK – I watched a little porn but then I shoveled the neighbors driveway.  I lied to my wife about why I was late (it wasn’t a train or traffic or an accident, I was just thoughtless) but I played with the kids.  I stole some pads from work but I put a dollar in the Salvation Army pot at Walmart.

We have a local case here in Saginaw where a woman who was convicted of drug-dealing and escaped from prison, was captured a number of years later out on the coast where she was now a middle-class wife/mother and doing no harm.  She might have even been doing some good like being active in the PTA .  The watercooler discussion is “should she go back to prision”?  

My daughter has moved out of her Hannah Montana phase, but there was a song she played that had this recurring line “Everyone makes mistakes”.  That is true, but it does not exonerate or excuse.  My mom used to say “if everyone were jumping off a cliff, would you jump too?”

I never told her this but at times I have jumped off that cliff, and on the way down I yelled “but everyone else…”

So, I am trying not to yell “but everyone else” because doing what we are supposed to do does not make up for doing what we failed to do. Recognizing that we did wrong and what flaw in our character allowed for that, and then resolving to address that character flaw, will help.

So here’s my list of what “mistakes” I made in ’08

  1. I did not trust God enough
  2. I did not repent enough
  3. I did not love others more than myself enough.

You really didn’t think I would be tranparent enough to give the specifics?

Hmmm – guess I’ll have transparency to next year’s list.

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Why I write

Posted by twpeck on December 6, 2008

I was checking out the site and noticed that I had 17 comments.  

Well this got me a little excited because, well, 17 people had actually read this blog and commented.

Then came the disappointment – they were all spam, mostly for stuff my wife wouldn’t appreciate though the guy from “cellphones-r-us” said he looked forward to reading more and I had a nice style.  Think that was sincere?

Anyway, I have this fantasy (was going to say secret but it is about to no longer be secret except no on reads this blog so it WILL be secret, ok, maybe unbroadly known) that I am the next great undiscovered writer whose work is “discovered” after I die.  It is kind of a romantic fantasy, since I don’t write fiction – have about 10 books with great first lines – and my prose is, well, pretty topical and more sermonatic (my kids would probably say “lecturematic”) so my living on in the minds of men past my grandchildren (when I have some) is probably not going to happen.

Another fantasy is that I could live off my writing.  I have looked into this and used to have a pretty impressive pile of rejections (was saving them as part of the first fantasy but got tired of carting them around and needed space to store the Christmas lights).  My son is trying to do that, and I have every belief that he will succeed.  I give up too easily, which is why I only write this blog once in a while and probably whey it is only read by spammers (or at least commented on by spammers).

So, if not for greatness, for posterity or for income why do I write?

Don’t really know except for two reasons: first, just in case my fantasies do come true and second is that writing makes me think more than television and watching television helped me get fat.  I rarely get the urge to eat while I am writing but always get the urge to much when some show is on.  

It also gets me out of housework.  This is because we honor writing as not as inert as listening to music. What sounds better – “Honey, I’m in the middle of writing something” or “Honey,  just as soon as this song is over”. 

I do wonder, though, how long will a blog page last and if that will interfere with my fanatsy?  Will never know that either.

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Weary with me self (a poem)

Posted by twpeck on November 14, 2008

have been struggling with things moreso lately  

and this struggle has me tired

I have grown weary with a lot of things in this world.  

Weary with politics.  

Weary with work.  

Weary with failures and the lost dreams of me youth

and most weary with me self.

But that should be expected

we battle and lunge with life but have only so much energy

(even God rested on the 7th day)

but we think we are god(s) and don’t need rest

don’t need to look around or at our selves

and then the weariness comes

and we realize that we are really weary with me self

and it is time to take a break

to get a little unwearied

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